Trip around Galicija

We have chosen a small, but nice local community in Žalec. LC Galicija hides some interesting attractions that you can visit on the way.


LC- Local Community

Gališki waterfall

In LS Galicija they have a small but exciting waterfall. it is 6 feet tall, but it is interesting and beautiful. On the way between Galicija and Zavrh, 80 years ago stood a mill.

Path: When we drove toward the intersection, we will see glade, where you can park the car. Then we can begin to walk towards the end of the glade and follow the path. After a few meters, we will see Gališki waterfall.

  •   address: close to Galicija 43, 3310 Žalec
  • Terrain: level
  • Suitable for Children: Yes


mine of iron

After Gališki waterfall you can see the visible passage of the mine iron ore, which was in use until 1962. There worked many native people that they could transport iron to the railway station Petrovče.

Path: When we saw the pitch, you can park next to the entrance. From there we can go across the street and cross the bridge. Follow the path into the woods and slightly move to the right. There, we will see a brown – reddish colour stream. If you follow it upstream, we will find the entrance to the mine.

  • address: close to Galicija 6, 3310 Žalec
  • Terrain: level (in the rainy season muddy)
  • Suitable for Children: Yes

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The Old Cemetery Galicija

According to an old iron mine can go to the old cemetery Galicija. Used was from 1897 to 1967. In my opinion, this is one scary places in LC Galicija. If you are not afraid of the dark, you just visit the evening :). The cemetery is no longer in use, but has somewhat served, but has a lot of old and interesting monuments.

Map: click

  • address: close to Galicija 6, 3310 Žalec
  • Terrain: level (in the rainy season muddy)
  • Suitable for Children: Yes

Šentjungert – Kunigunda

For lovers of hiking it is available to visit the highest point in Galicija LC – Šentjungert mountains. The locals call it what Kunigunda or Montenegro. Altitude is 565 m, and from we can see the whole Žalec, Celje Basin, view us reach even Uršlja mountains of Peca, Gore Olives and even Kamnik Alps. On it is the church. Kunigunda. It was renewed in 1996 and got new bells.

Route: One way is to park in the cooperative home (Galicija 75, 3310 Žalec), let’s walk back to the side of the road where a signpost that directs us along the road up the hill. On the road, you walk until you reach the path which leads sharply to the right into the woods. The markings help you along the right path. When we come to a crossroads, we immediately noticed a signpost that points the way to the lodge (recommended map).

Map: click

  • Address: Šentjungert 6, 3201 Šmartno in Rosental Valley
    Terrain: hilly
    Suitable for Children: Yes
  • Open Hours: Sunday is the home open.

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Farovška Vineyard – Tourist farm Razgorsek

After visiting the old cemetery can walk on the path towards Zavrh, standing Farovška Vineyard. They offer a variety of culinary specialities (by arrangement).

  1. Address: Pepelno 11, 3201 Šmartno in Rosental Valley
  2. Terrain: hilly
  3. Suitable for Children: Yes
  4. Telephone: 031 278 285

Farm Podpečan

Farm Podpečan to be about 250 years old. They treated 33 ha of land and their cows give milk in the morning and evening. They have their own cheese factory and produce excellent cheese and various other dairy products, which they sell in their shop. Recently renovated an old barn in which they are now 4 apartments, room for wine tasting, spa and shop.

  • Address: Galicija 51, 3310 Žalec
  • Terrain: level
  • Suitable for Children: Yes
  • Telephone: 031 676 729
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Working hours shop: Monday – Friday: 8:00 to 12:00 / 15:00 to 19:00 Saturday: 8:00 to 13:00 wellness and tasting by appointment.Image Results for Farm Podpečan

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